homemade dry shampoo for dark hair

There was a time not so long ago when I would shower every morning then wash, blow dry and spend over 20 minutes just curling my hair. Three little boys later, I barely have time to shower every morning – but an extra 45 minutes to blow dry and style my hair – that is just not happening!

So, for the last year or so, I have been washing my hair twice a week in the shower and using dry shampoo the rest of the time.  Not only has this saved me so much time, but it has also improved the overall health of my hair. Bonus: I think my hair looks pretty good too!

homemade dry shampoo

To make homemade dry shampoo for dark hair you need:

1/4 cup cornstarch (non-GMO if you can find it)

1 tablespoon cocoa powder (unsweetened)

1 tablespoon baking soda

Here is what you do:

Add all the ingredients in a small glass jar or tightly sealed plastic container. You can use a small funnel to add each ingredient so you don’t end up having a big powdery mess. :) Shake the container or jar well until the cocoa powder is well incorporated.

To apply the dry shampoo: I recommend using an old, but clean makeup brush to apply the dry shampoo directly the roots of your hair. Using the brush, massage the dry shampoo powder into the hair near your scalp. Sometimes I let it sit for a minute or two to soak up any excess oil and then just use the makeup brush to work it thru your hair until you can’t see the powder any more. Easy as that!

Hope you try my recipe! And if you do, please tell me what you think!

~ julie ~

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