Hello there! I’m Julie. And I’m so excited to have you stop by today!

Simple. Delicious. Fresh. Allergy-Friendly.  This four words that pretty much sum up my approach to food. Simple, delicious, fresh, and allergy-friendly is also what can expect to find in my recipes.

Simple weeknight dinners, quick snacks, or all-in-one-bowl muffins and cookies.

Delicious recipes that are also healthy and affordable.  I hardly ever buy expensive ingredients and I am still able to come up with some practically gourmet recipes!

Fresh, nourishing ingredients have a welcome place in my kitchen. I love cooking with in-season fruits and vegetables. And I strongly believe that everything is best if it’s made from scratch! If a recipe calls for a store bought mix, packet, or heaven-forbid canned soup… I usually pass 😉

Allergy-friendly cooking is a way of life for my family. I know that it is often overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be!  My son and two nephews have life-threatening allergies, so our lifestyle has adjusted quite a bit over the years. But now, I really do (mostly) enjoy the challenge of adapting recipes to fit our allergy-free lifestyle.

I would love to hear from YOU! Please contact me anytime – and thanks for visiting today!


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